Steph (presenceambigue) wrote in thomas_harris,

Hey, whadya think?

Quick thought:

I was watching Brief History of Time and I'm noticing that Steven Hawking looks a little like Mason Verger...

I'm not sure if that was a really stupid comment or not yet. Lemme know.

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it was stupid.
Well, that was rather rude...
"I'm not sure if that was a really stupid comment or not yet. Lemme know."

and thus I did.

Stephen Hawking doesn't have part of his face torn off.

Oh, I know. I just couldn't resist saying 'rude' in a Lecter related community. At least someone here might get the implication. You say 'rude' anywhere else and they've no clue that that's what you mean.
I believe that Mr. Hawking suffers from motor neurone disease -- which an entirely different animal from "Tear Your Face Off With Shards Of Glass While High On Uppers...itis".

Harris does mention Stephen Hawking in Hannibal, however. Apparently Lecter is very fond of his work.
I had a boss who was a dead ringer for Dr. Lecter, right down the eyes - with the personality of Frederick Chilton. He was a hilarious, short little man.